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If you can dream it up we can make it happen

We are more than just a venue, we are an award winning event planning company with over two decades of experience. Bring the event here or we bring the event to you, no matter what the details are finely tuned through collaboration and visionary execution.

Leave the heavy lifting to us (we love it)

Our approach is as unique as your event – we curate and create. We don’t do cookie cutter events instead we cater to your vision by offering an all inclusive experience. From decor and florals, to lighting and sound, to furniture and catering, we have everything that you need to make sure your event is a massive success.

“It was the most bizarre request and they didn’t even flinch - best service I’ve ever had"

– John Smith

Our unique and expansive interiors allow you to bring your vision for your event / wedding to life. Our on-staff events team will assist you in all your creative needs and ideas. No idea is too outragous.


Our professional staff works closely with you to design and produce your dream event. To say we love a creative challenge would be an understatement. We will make your ideas and dreams become a reality.


Lighting is an important component to any event or wedding. We have a fully customizable rack system in place to help light your event the way you want. If we don’t have it, we can get it.


Whether it’s a live band, a DJ, or a streamed concert, our impressive sound system will help your event stand out. Our facility is state-of-the-art and ready to be utilized for your event, wedding or concert.


Our culinary team will assist you in building out the menu that best suits your event. Well versed in global cuisine we will execute the menu that you desire.

Event Planning

Assisting you with your event or wedding is one of our specialties. Small or over-the-top, we work closely with you to make your vision a reality.


We have a wide variety of furniture available for the kind of event you are planning. If we don’t have what you need we will find it for you.


Flowers can be an integral part of your wedding or event. We work closely with many of the local florists to create arrangements that help elevate your wedding or event.

Hybrid Streaming Events

Our space is equiped full-time for live streaming of events, concerts and weddings. With our large format LED screen backdrop you can create the kind of streaming event that people will remember and enjoy.


Whether you’re throwing a small event or a festival size event, we have multiple spaces to accommodate your needs. We will work closely with you to ensure you have the perfect venue for your event.

On Site Brewery

Do you love beer? Our on site neighbour, Foundry Brewing, supplies all our beer for events and can be engaged to create a specific brew just for you. Let us help you make your event that much more memorable with your custom beer and can.

Team Building

We have a diverse team on staff to help walk you through the process of organizing your dream event. Whether it’s corporate, a wedding or live event, our team will assist you to create a flawless event experience.

Meet our team of event enthusiasts!

Each member of the Tapestry Hall team brings some of their unique talents and gifts to the table… every… single…event!

From our Culinary mastermind, to the most people pleasing personality Charmaine, our team is here to make sure your event is more than just another date but instead a memorable, fun, exciting and one of a kind experience.

Carolina Soares - Co-founder and CEO

She likes long walks on the beach and moonlit strolls but even more so tours around our massive venue and of course champagne bars for every occasion.

Kyle Priestley - Co-Founder and Creative Director

He’s all about fun and creative ideas that are sure to please the crowd, while making sure the soundtrack is on point and the bass is bumping.

Christina Marshall - Director of Business Development

She counts numbers, writes words, offers comedic relief and high fives the team a lot …especially when targets are met. Oh and she eats Stephanie’s desk chocolate (it keeps her happy).

Teri Egerdeen - Senior Corporate Events Manager

Dance party instigator! When working, this gal lives for comprehensive plans, seating charts, timelines and even more so making sure our guests have one heck of an experience at Tapestry Hall.

Charmaine Ramkalawan - Front of House Manager

Customer service is her middle name, the word no is not in her vocabulary ( unless Carolina says it has to be.) She is the queen of bottomless drinks and celebrations , you want her at your event… that we guarantee!

Stephanie Watson - Executive Assistant

The keeper of all things organized and desk chocolate (which keeps Christina in a good mood), the best voicemail voice around… you ain’t getting past the gate without her approval.

Erin Eustis - Sales Executive and Task Manager

She’s a wedding tour de force, love story connoisseur, she will help design your wedding package so that all the I do’s, to do’s and ta da’s are set for your special day.

It’s never too early to start planning.

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